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Spicy Pickled Asparagus!Welcome to Tall Paul's
Pickled Asparagus!

Yeah, we know, it sounds a bit odd. Pickled Asparagus. But hey, it works! Tall Paul's Pickled Asparagus is served in over 20 premier pubs and golf courses throughout Iowa.

Drop a couple stalks in your Bloody Mary, or simply nibble on 'em at your leisure -- either way it's an affordable taste treat that's hard to find outside the Midwest!

Call your local pub and ask them to order a jar or three of Tall Paul's Pickled Asparagus.

"Your asparagus is a perfect match for our Bloody Mary!" - Softail Saloon

Our pickled asparagus is:
• Eye-catching. Many people like asparagus and notice it.
• Spicy! Most people like a little heat.
• Midwestern. It is made here in a small Iowa town.
• Upscale! Asparagus is a preferred item for many chefs.
• Tasty. We have fans of all ages. Even children!
Tall Paul’s Pickled Asparagus is a 40-year-old family recipe from Humboldt, Iowa. We are small but have grown steadily since we started selling pickled asparagus in 2002. The majority of our sales are to bars and golf courses for their Bloody Mary customers.

Please note that a portion of every sale we make goes to help Enabled Veterans Outdoors! You can learn more about that program HERE.